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Relive the Scala Cinema days with two classic exploitation movies chosen by the veteran programmer of the establishment herself, the wonderful Jane Giles. Her book on the beloved, and sorely missed, Kings Cross repertory venue will be published in September by FAB Press and to celebrate we are proud to present an evening of vintage moviedrome magic and nostalgic thrills. Both BLUE SUNSHINE and THE GREAT ROCK’N’ROLL SWINDLE will be shown in glorious 35mm, both will feature introductions by Jane and FrightFest’s own Alan Jones and there will be a special discussion about what the Scala meant to London moviegoers, its importance in the culture and major revelations on what to expect from the long-awaited book. It was where Shock Around The Clock began, the origins of FrightFest, so you won’t want to miss any part of this exciting Scalarama extravaganza.


Director: Jeff Leiberman. With: Zalman King, Deborah Winters, Robert Walden, Mark Goddard, Alice Ghostley. USA 1978. 94 mins. 35mm print.


From the director of SQUIRM and JUST BEFORE DAWN, a harrowing combination of quirky pulp fiction, gross-out horror, and Cronenbergian sci-fi, a truly memorable and effective condemnation of warped American middle-class values. People are turning into psychotic murderers as a result of bad LSD ingested ten years before when Stanford University students. Lone avenger Zipkin (Zalman King) is determined to capture a living Blue Sunshiner and end the epidemic of psychedelic psychosis created by a now-celebrated politician. A cult classic directed with genuine flair keeping the audience off balance by alternating funny passages with unforgettable moments of sheer horror.


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Single Tickets - Prince Charles Cinema
7 Leicester Pl
United Kingdom