A Young Man With High Potential

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Single Tickets - Prince Charles Cinema, London, United Kingdom


Director: Linus de Paoli. With: Adam Ild Rohweder, Paulina Galazka, Amanda Plummer, Pit Bukowski, Vania Bajdarova. Germany 2018. 85 mins.


UK PREMIERE - Millennial angst impacts the Internet age with shocking ramifications in this superbly written and directed psychological thriller from wunderkind all-round talent Linus de Paoli. Brilliant computer science student Piet is as inexperienced sexually as he is intelligent. Finding out his feelings for Klara, the beautiful new fellow student he’s coaching, are not really reciprocated, he’s deeply hurt. After trying out sleeping pills on himself, he drugs Klara with unexpected consequences. What follows is a very long and horrifying night, in which Piet loses his innocence in each sense and has to confront every one of his anxieties.


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Single Tickets - Prince Charles Cinema
7 Leicester Pl
United Kingdom